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Recruitment for permanent employment is the principle direction of our activity. We select beginners and skilled professionals, mid-level managers, directors and top-managers of all business spheres: finance, accounting, information technology, telecommunications, marketing, sales, production, engineering, office administration, law, human resources, and pharmaceuticals.

We understand that each business has its own requirements for recruitment and that is why we offer two models of service:

Basic service:

  • The provision of summary of candidates from the database of Profit Consult - more than 50 000 experienced and qualified specialists ready to consider job offers. These candidates have already been interviewed and evaluated by our consultants. We build long-term relationships with our candidates, therefore, maintain a regular contact with them and constantly update their personal professional data.
  • Searching for candidates who have responded to vacancies on the most popular Russian career websites.

Premium service:

As a rule, the most interesting and necessary candidates to our customers are not looking for a new job and they cannot be found anyone in databases of agencies or on recruitment websites. To attract such candidates, we develop a strategy of active search in accordance with the position profile and including:

  • Interviewing on skills set for qualification of the candidates that best meet client’s requirements
  • The presentation of candidates to the Client with the conclusion on the interview results
  • Participation in the joint interview with the Client.
  • The use of professional contacts of our consultants in various organizations and companies to search for the best candidates
  • For senior management: direct search for the best candidates, maintenance of vacancies of top managers by line managers of Profit Consult HR on staff recruitment
  • The private collection of recommendations

For the placement of order on personnel search you have to fill up employer’s questionnaire and send it to the address:; our consultants will contact you within 1 hour for details.

We trust our clients and cooperate WITHOUT advance payment!